I’m excited about a new product… I just bought a unit for my GEM… I’m lazy and don’t do more than check the battery connections monthly to be sure they are all tight as I have GEL batteries and don’t have to see if they are dry or not… but are they all producing the same volts? I don’t have a volt meter and probably wouldn’t know what to do with it… I am about to receive my BATTSIX that was shipped on Saturday… Battsix for a few hundred bucks will show what the battery pack is doing from a Droid or i-phone or in my case a module on the dash of my car… I’ll keep you all updated as to my findings… I should have it installed some time over the next couple of weeks…

take a look at all they have to offer at BATTSIX.COM … the owner Richard is quick to answer questions I will too the best I can… remember I’m just a driver and not a techie…


Cool but very expensive!

Did you get your BattSix? Review?

Hi Luv… I did get it and have put the brain part in the glove compartment… the monitor on the upper dash… I’m having trouble finding the right hot wire to make it work… I think I got a couple of photos posted… this weekend I attended the Plug in Event in Denver… am really happy as to how great my new batteries performed… going 17 miles and I still had 4 bars… just been spending more time playing than working on the problem with finding a wire


I have some crossed wires on my unit and not getting correct readings…

I got this from a friend on another group board: I found one failed battery from my BattSix readings after driving 4 miles, 1/2 uphill. The failed battery charges right up, but drops fast. Notice how definitive the readings are. The weak battery will drag down the rest and make them work harder to hasten their demise, too.

Batt Six is exactly what my digital volt/ohm meter reading. Getting a new battery under warranty.


I’m posting Eric’s photos sent from his phone

Eric’s photos

today will be my first real test on my Battsix… I found that I had two wires crossed and in my haste to get my car ready to put back in the shop… remove doors and plate over battery so mechanic could get in quickly… I forgot to plug the car in… really… I never do that… with 15 miles on the last charge I went to the shop and we got the wires uncrossed… Battsix showing lots of charge as I trurned the key on… but in taking off from a stop they went to orange and after 3 miles they were showing… green… orange… and red as I drove… orange to red under full throttle and on hills… green coasting or at a stop… plugged in back in at 20 miles… the car will be ready today

I will post photos as I go…


Bob, that’s what it’s supposed to do. The color of the bars is only meaningful when the batteries aren’t being used. It is showing the “at rest” state of charge.

When you are not driving the GEM, yellow means 40% or less charge left, red means 20% or less charge left.

When you are driving, the voltage readings and height of the bars lets you know if some batteries are weaker than others.

Best Regards,
Gary & Richard

Battsix update… as I have had the Battsix monitor for a month… I really like what I see as I drive around… it seems to be working … tells me what the batteries do under exceleration or on a hill… going to red and yellow… then how fast they come back to green… showing % of charge and SOC… it was a good idea to buy this…


For those following BattSix development, here’s a video… this is done from your iphone or some driods… check with Richard and Gary at BATTSIX.COM

[ame=]BattSix Android - YouTube[/ame]


my friends at Battsix have come up with a new item… the ‘PACK PLOTTER’… it provides more insight to the status of your battery pack than a simple gauge… it displays a graphic pack voltage (state of charge if the batteries are at rest) as well as a 1 hour scrolling history plot… it only requires 2 connections to the pack (+ & -) the pricing will be less than the Battsix unit… see the video here… [ame=]Pack Plotter - YouTube[/ame]


a quick note on Battsix… they have joined in partnership with US Batteries… US batteries will also have the Battsix line under their own packaging and label… Battsix has a new website that is better than the old one posted here in the past…

golf cart nev gem, BattSix Systems Innovations L.L.C. Home


OK… this is NOT a commerical … please don’t remove it… I won’t post any more…

this is a deal that you should NOT pass up… it is the new product from Battsix and in my thinking is a GREAT tool at a bargin price… retail is around $200 bucks…

BattSix Systems Innovations LLC
The New “Pack Plotter”
“State of the Art” - “State of Charge” Pack Analyzer
with our Built-In “Time Machine”

BattSix Systems "Pack Plotter"
So now what:
Contact me personally at or (559) 360-4609 and be one of 12 people only that will recieve a beta system for a 33% discount.

THAT IS $115.00 plus $7.00 shipping. TOTAL $123.00

Use it for 30 days if you like it and it does what it says write a one paragraph testimony on what you like.

If you dont like it JUST RETURN IT FOR A FULL REFUND. We have been doing it this way since 2011 when we introduced our first product - The BattSix Bluetooth System for iPHONE.

Don’t wait call or E-Mail NOW and see what the future holds RIGHT NOW.

Richard T. Briskin - President BattSix Systems LLC

Private Email: Phone (559) 360-4609

Dont wait on this one!

Richard T. Briskin - President
Phone: (559) 360-4609
Website: golf cart nev gem, BattSix Systems Innovations L.L.C. Home

Corporate Email:

Hi Folks,

I just bought one too. It took awhile because the company was waiting on some fuses that were on back order. Once the fuses arrived, they shipped it the same day, so I’m happy nonetheless.

Today is the install day. Wish me luck as I’m uncertain which battery is battery #1 and battery #5. I have a 2002 4-seater GEM, so if anyone out there already knows, please post pictures and/or spread the word. Thanks!

What year is your car


I shouldn’t answer from my phone when I don’t read the whole post… I’ve asked a friend with an 02 car and Battsix… I’ll post his answer

It’s a 2002 and currently working without issue. Still have to go and drive it. Had to strip the cabling to make the last two cables reach the front batteries. I used loom to re-cover the exposed cables. I can tell that the harness will last maybe four years given the weather conditions in my area (read High Desert/ over 100F in the summer and below 35F in the winter). Will try looming every wire up to the battery post. But have to go buy more loom first.

I mounted it under the passenger seat with the hope that nobody will want to steal it. I have doors so water contact will instead come from a clumsy passenger with a drink. Okay, will go for a test drive now. Using the iPad Bluetooth version.

sounds like you are on the right track… I have an 05 think the glove box is larger and that was where I mounted my box… under the seat would have been good too… I had mine thru the winter and it works well at 32… about as cold as I’ll drive… in the sun my car shows over 100 on the thermometer that I have on the dash and have no problem… enjoy the Batsix it is a great tool


been a day or two since I’ve talked Battsix… still am enjoying the benefits that I see from my unit… today I was contacted and told they have a new product… it’s the PackVolts and they have it listed on eBay… let them know you are a member of the forum

packVolts | eBay

Although the BattSix product line includes some sophisticated electronic systems, packVolts provides the minimum requirement to know how your battery pack is performing at a very affordable price.

A variety of low cost battery gages are available but packVolts includes features not found on the other gages…

Wiring an ‘off the shelf’ battery gage to your pack can be extremely dangerous, if the wire insolation becomes frayed it’s possible to result in a fire. the only way to prevent this is to fuse the wires where they attach to the pack.

packVolts comes pre-wired with a double-fused battery harness.

Digital gages don’t provide a way to turn the display on/off with the ignition key while maintaining isolated grounds between the 12 volt accessory voltage and the pack.

packVolts includes electronics to maintain complete isolation between the two.

Low cost digital gages are not perfectly linear and are normally calibrated at the factory for maximum voltage.

packVolts is individually calibrated for the voltage range of your pack.

Precision voltage display for Golf Cars & NEVs.

Snap-in dash mount, cutout = 45.5 x 26.5 mm. or attach to bottom of dash with velcro.

Pre-wired 10 foot fused battery pack harness with ring terminals.

Pre-wired 3 foot fused cable for key-switched 12 volts, includes isolated ground.

Calibrated display for 36, 48 & 72 volt battery packs.

Please specify 36, 48 or 72 volt pack when ordering. Allow one to two weeks for delivery.

Hi Bob
do you have a report on the Batt Six. I looked at their web page and it does look like a great instrument to keep an eye on the individuale batteries. Has any else used one?
Chili Willy
San Diego GEM driver

hi Willy… there are quite a few owners of the Battsix here… as I’ve said I chose the dash monitor and I really like it… I think it is a great tool to see what my batteries are doing… I don’t think it is a waste of money

I suggest you contact the owner of the company Richard Briskin:


ok… I know I shouldn’t be on here trying to promote a product but I just wanted to pass along a find… the new Battsix Pack Plotter is on eBay at this time… the seller is Gary the man who designed and built it… this unit sells for over $130… so at a starting bid of $20.00 can you see the deal… this unit ONLY shows the over all condition of the pack and not each battery…