GEM Battery Monitor

I want to install a digital volt meter on my 2007 Gem Car. After receiving a $20 digital meter and finding that it wasn’t accurate, I plan to explore finding a better quality unit. Once I find the best meter, where is the best (and easiest) place to attach a two wire unit?.. or should I buy a three wire unit? I had planned to install it in the lower dash for constant monitoring when the key is on. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

welcome forevergreen… have you looked at the Battsix system… they have a dash monitor that can be mounted on the dash… it gives a reading of each of your six batteries in real time… also a total volt reading of the pack and the SOC…

golf cart nev gem, BattSix Systems Innovations L.L.C. Dash Display

or if you just want to monitor the total pack they have another unit on eBay
Packvolts Golf Cart NEV Electric Car Battery Voltage Gage Gauge Meter | eBay

call or e-mail Richard T. Briskin - (559) 360-4609… he will give you a price and any information you may need


I have a 6 dollar 2 wire 3 digit meter mounted in the middle of the dash. Connected to the + and - battery leads where they connect to the main solenoid and controller. I tend to feather foot more often when I can see the voltage drop. Surprising how close voltage jibes with percentage on the column read out.

I also moved my Main disconnect switch to the outside of the seat next to the charger plug. If I don’t plug in the charger I shut it off for each use. Battery seems to last longer.

I’m weighing options for the volt meter. Thanks for your input. I noticed you have a truckette and thought you might like to see what I’m building but I it appears that I can’t attach a photo of my Gem pickup.

Forever… to post photos go to the advanced setting at the top is a paperclip looking icon that will open your computer files… find the photos you want to send and add them… know there is another step… can’t remember but you should see that the file has transferred