Bat 6 battery monitor

I have a Used but in great condition Bat 6 battery monitor. It has a color dash display that shows you in real time the voltage of each one of your 6 batterys. It also shows overall pack voltage. Easy to install



The Gadget Freak reformith:) There is hope for the future.

Dave Jump on this, lots of wires.

Note: This is a great tool if you have older batteries. Not only does it show you each battery’s voltage, but it will show voltage dip of an individual unit going bad. 75 bucks is a great deal.

Not enough wires for me.:smiley:

I have a bat-24 coming to monitor 24 cells.

I loved this unit. I couldn’t use it with my car when I switched to Lithium.

This is how the LCD digital Dash display plugs into the brain of the unit

Upper Left hand corner shows you Pack Voltage and the State of Charge is the 100% number
each of the Green lines represents each one of your battery’s and its voltage is directly above each green line

This is what the charge status lights look like. each of these LED turns from Red to Yellow to Green. Each light represents a Battery. I had them set up from Right to Left Batterys 1 threw 6

Can you mount leds like that for DQ monitor?

David. Yes I can. I’m sorry I don’t know why I posted the pic of that in this thread it was supposed to go in to the thread where I was selling the Multi Bank Charger

Batt Six BMS sold 1/18/17