BattSix contact info

Hey I’m looking to buy a BattSix battery monitor and display for my FLA battery’s in my 2001 Gem E4. I can’t seem to find any contact info on their website BATTSIX.COM

I was wondering if anyone had any In site on getting one of these?

Thanks G

Hi G… here is the info on Battsix… Richard is a great guy… know you’ll love the Battsix

BattSix Systems Innovations L.L.C.
“Battery Monitoring Systems for Golf Cars and NEV’s”

Richard T. Briskin - President
Phone: (559) 360-4609Website: golf cart nev gem, BattSix Systems Innovations L.L.C. Home

Bob Andersen

Thank you for the reply. I went to the website you posted a link to and requested additional purchase information The product looks great and looks like exactly what I need i’ll wait to hear back from them I didn’t see or could not find a buy now or purchase option on their website.

not sure how the website works… I’ve always just called… Richard either answered or was quick to call me back… I don’t know pricing… there are two different units… your phone or the dash monitor… I have the latter as I didn’t have a phone that worked at the time… really love mine


Hey I see in your signature you have a 9 hp motor.
How do you like it? What kind if gains can one see over a stock or a Rid for fun motor. And lastly do you have contact info and a price for your 9 hp motor thanks

I sent this link to Richard… his note back below… as for the 9hp motor… I believe I may have one of that last ones that was produced… there were some problems and the only place to get a GEM car motor is from Ride -4-Fun… they will only sell the 7.5hp motor… in my opinion that is plenty of motor… the nine seems to draw way too much power from the batteries and if I were to do it again… I would have gone the way of R-4-F… they are good guys and are more than willing to help with any questions you have about their motor… I am not a fan of the modification of the controller… think the motor works well without the extra expense… have friends here that have made only the motor changes and are very happy

Thank you Bob,

FYI: The website is:

golf cart nev gem, BattSix Systems Innovations L.L.C. Home
We have been in a holding pattern since I got hit by a car5 months ago. Had (2) surgeries and am recovering.
We are gearing back up to re-release product in January with some pricing changes.
Hope you have a nice holiday!
Sincerely, Richard T. Briskin
BattSix Systems
(559) 360-4609