Battery problem Solved

Ok, I’m not a genus but why do the electric cars have to be plug in’s why can’t we develop just big AA batteries, and before some smart ass jumps in and attacks what could be a good idea I don’t mean the technology underlying in the batteries I mean the concept, Replaceable perhaps rechargeable batteries, going on a long trip stop off at a battery station and pick up a refill…

BTW I know there really called cells…

I’m just talking out my ass, but someone shed some light why if i can come up with the idea why haven’t the genes developing the battery technology of tomorrow…

lets face it, 2 smaller batteries powering a car; we currently get about 100-200 km per charge form battery powered cars… why can’t we just replace them when there spent, leave them on charge for the 12 hours it takes to charge, and use the other set…


I know it’s dumb but why not.

Simple who could afford it? Have you got an extra $15 to $30K laying around for an extra set of batteries? The other problem is practicability. How many folks have the equipment to handle a 800 to 1500 pound battery pack in thier garage or enough knowledge and skill to not kill themselves in the process?

I think what he’s saying is, suppose the physical battery sizes and connectors are standardized across all brands and make of EV’s, so you can stop at a “gas station”, exchange your spent pack for a fresh one, and be on your way without waiting for a charge. Gas stations are everywhere so technically you don’t need a massive, heavy pack, unless you have to cover long distances. Even if you do need a heavy pack, with a standardized pack case design, replacement could actually be done by an automated forklift setup. They have automatic robotic parking garage systems that move an entire vehicle, moving a pack and grabbing a fresh one off the rack wouldn’t be a problem.

[QUOTE=mpipes;7002] I think what he’s saying is, suppose the physical battery sizes and connectors are standardized across all brands and make of EV’s, [/QUOTE]
Yes I understand that was the point he is driving at, but once you consider all the factors you quickly realize that is not possible. It would basically mean we all have to drive the same exact vehicle, in other words a government made car.

If you look at the EV’s made to date so far, you quickly realize they all use use different voltages, different battery chemistry, different sizes, different everything.

But let’s entertain the thought for a moment and say they all used the same battery pack. What size in Watt-Hours? Well let’s try 10 Kwh? Using today’s best LiFe4Po that battery weighs 10,000 wh / 90 wh/kg = 112 Kg or roughly 250 pounds. Today’s cost = about $450 per Kwh = 10 x $450 = $4500 USD.

Now you may think that is too large, but I don’t think so because assuming 200 wh/mile efficiency yields 10,000 wh / 200 wh/mile = 50 miles maximum. Not much. But here is the problem, that 200 wh/mile efficiency is for a very small two passenger vehicle. Guess what happens when say it is a 4-door, 5 passenger vehicle with 400 wh/mile efficiency. Who in the heck wants a 25 or 50 mile battery pack in their vehicle? What if it is a PU truck?

The standard needed IMO and the industry is a charging algorithm and plug standard, so that you can pull into any charging station and fill up in say 20 minutes or less depending on the size of the battery capacity. Say something like 500 amps up to 600 volts. That would allow you to charge a useful battery capacity of 100 Kwh in 20 minutes from 100% DOD. A vehicle with a 100 Kwh battery that has 400 wh/mile gives you a range of about 250 miles. That you can sell to the masses if priced $40K or so. Long way off from that as the battery does not exist yet. But all other technology exist today.