Battery Hookup

Can someone please tell me or send a picture of how the batteries hook up on a 48v Gem Car. Thank You

You need 6 8volt golf cart batteries connected in series. Connect the plus to the main contactor (relay) and the minus to the minus terminal on the controller.

You can also use 4 12 volt batteries but you won’t have much range.

jwrdsr… think Rick Suiter has what you need on the NEV yahoo group… not sure if this link will work… you have to be registered… it’s in a PDF and I can’t get that to load here


Thanks Bob - Been looking for this for awhile


For that please visit to nearest automotive store, otherwise contact a technician.

Im new here. But I am pretty sure this is what i am looking for how can i view it

Johnny240… welcome… You have to join the yahoo group then go to files… or go to download the manual for your car… although if you have a 48v system you may have to go to get their number and call them