Back up lights

I picked up these back up lights. I have used them on a friends boat as docking lights and they have worked out real well.
My question is how should I hook them up?
Option #1 would be to just hook them to a 12v source with a in line switch that I could mount on the dash.
Option #2 would be to TRY and tap into reverse switch on the dash so that as soon as you switch the car in reverse the lights come on. Any Ideas how this would be done?

on 2005 and up cars you have a blue/green cable under seat ready for that

Bummer: my car is a 2001. What is this blue/green cable you speak of?

These lights are pretty cool. They tuck up under the fender and you can’t see them from just looking you have to get down low and have to look up

This is just one side. Both sides will have lights.

Wow! You could eat lunch off of your clean undercarriage! In Cali it isn’t legal to have anything, even clear, covering the licence plate. But I do love the blue.

(Sorry, but I have highway patrolman paranoia).

Barry I’m sure there is no less than 20 illegal items on my car I’m not worried about a clear covering on my license plate. But yes out here in California everything seems to be illegal. Fortunately the area in which I operate my vehicle seems to be very lenient when it comes to these types of things.

My car has undercarriage multi colored LEDs. I’m sure if I drove around with them on or my overhead light bar I could summons a ticket But if you use them with in reason it doesn’t seem to be a problem knocking on wood

Here is what the lights look like from behind the car at normal height. It’s very har to even see them.

But if you dip down you can see them.

I got this cool LED Lice plate light.

Because of the way I have my Lice plate mounted I’m gonna need to make a stand off for this light so that it sits at the right angle and height relative to the plate. The light needs to be shining down and onto the plate . That’s what the black plastic block you see in the background is Ill have to do some customizing

Here is a pic with the lic plate light. I just tapped into the running lights so when ever the lights are on the plate light is on.