Under Car LEDs

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Far out. Boss. Groovy. Neato! I don’t think it would be legal for me in the land of rules and laws. Cali, Cali, I live in Cali.:umbrella::umbrella:

Barry. Of corse it’s illegal silly pants! Allong with all the other lighting on my GEM.
I’m sure if you use it with discretion it’s not a problem. Common sense is not so common.

Looks like your front windshield is tinted?

Blue unders cost my grandson $145 in Alabama

Window NOT is tinted. Rodney blue unders Did not cost your grandsone $145!
Your Grandson running his Blue unders while driving cost him $145.
There I fixed it for you.

Blue lights are a sensitive subject when it comes to law enforcement. Law enforcement uses that color specificity so when your running that color driving down the road that’s a big no no! Even the average retard understands that but, God loves a ■■■■■ :slight_smile:

He didn’t listen to Grandpa. Betcha Grant doesn’t either:D

Rodney is right! Don’t listen to Grandpa cause I don’t have one :frowning:

^ but if I did have a a grandpa, I would always listen to him, Even "Twice on Sunday’s"
Rodney will u be my surrogate Grandpa?

Nah I’ll pass. I have too many now that frustrate me.

That would be a good forum name… “Old Frustrated Fart”