Anyone use the AC 150 in a conversion?

Has anyone used this setup?

It looks like a fairly comprehensive package, and a potentially strong performer, just add batteries. Not inexpensive, but would it be worth it?

We had one donated to our school. It was a complete student performed conversion by the time I started attending, but I have driven the car. It was a early 90’s Saturn SL1. When the project began, it had the EV-1 Ovonic Battery pack, but it was just on loan. The car had no problem power wise, could do several mile hill climbs from Chico State University on the way to Mt. Lassen. I believe the car sold for around $4k in 2001. A shame knowing now how much the hardware costs. The 200hp 3 phase motor was bolted to a honda transmission with all but one gear removed. Only down side to the controller was it was huge. We also had a problem blowing caps when disconnecting the battery, but this was likely due to students not being trained.

I saw the list price was 25k for a turnkey drive and motor. Wow! Pricey stuff. Looks like they are doing the controls, and maybe motor for the Tesla.

Wow, $4k, that is sad (well, not sad for some lucky chum!). I believe they are providing the drivetrain for the Tesla, which is how I came across them. Pricey for sure, but it sounds very attractive.