Convertin an arctic cat prowler

Looking for INWO! I’ve been talking to him on Ebay about a motor and controller.

I have a used hpevs AC-20 50 peak HP.

Funny enough I originally planned to use an ac20 for this thing and run it on 48 volts. I was hoping to get about 45-50 mph out of it, does that sound reasonable?

Should be easy to do. Problem with the ac-20, I can’t test it under load. More money too.
Unless you have a programmer or know someone who does, it will be a tough road.
If you can find a Sevcon file for it, I can load it for you. It needs a larger controller to get full power. You will be at $1500 for ac-20 and a s6 gen4 80v 450a controller.
I think that’s about 1/2 price of a retail purchase.

Yeah that’s not a bad price for that but I only have $1000 to spend right now anyway. And I don’t have a programmer and I would be surprised if anyone within 500 miles of me does. I also don’t know where to go for a sevcon file, sounds like something you would need to know someone to get. So I guess I’ll just go with the kinetek and see how she runs! It’s good to know I wasn’t thinking crazy with those speeds, though. This is the first conversion I will have done and I was just kinda guessing.

I’m ready to make final arrangements on the kinetek motor and sevcon controller. I will use a 0-5k throttle 72 volt nominal agm battery. I’ll wait for you to get back with me on the drive modes with regen, if it’s going to be hard to set up we can skip it entirely, not a big deal.

The price we talked about is for motor and controller only.
You will need a wire harness to connect the motor encoder and temperature sensor. A main contactor and power wiring from controller to motor.
I can furnish some of these things, which will increase your odds of getting it functional. The cost adds up fast, so you are welcome to source parts yourself.
Do you have the throttle? I have a used one that I can match to system. $75.
A contactor is $150.
Sevcon plug and harness that plugs into motor. Short leads marked for f-r and key switch. $250

Right, can I just get a pinout/diagram for the motor/sevcon? I’m no stranger to wiring and it’s going to be a wile before it gets that far anyway. I do not have a throttle yet if the one you have works on a cable, that would be nice to have, being that it’s matched to the controller.

I can supply the pin out. Pretty straight forward. Search for sevcon gen4 user manual. Scroll down to the diagram for single traction motor.
The throttle can only be matched as part of the harness. Not on a cable.

Cool I’ll just stick with the 0-5k pot box then. I for sure want to use the factory throttle cable and pedal.

How do you want to do the sale, the ebay listing says you took it down.

Yes, I had it listed too low.
I will still do the same price, as Ebay won’t beat me out of the 10%. :slight_smile:
$760 shipped was the Ebay price.

Hell yeah brother its a done deal!

Hope to get it out tomorrow. They come on pallets, so I need to find a heavy duty box.

I appreciate you helping me out with this. I’ll post progress on here whenever I make any.