Looking for 10 Hp. AC system

Hello, just joined the forum. I’m going to wing a little project and have been looking at DC systems. Before I go ahead and order the DC stuff, does anyone know of any small AC motors and controllers w/regen that are available? I’m finding loads of conversion high hp. AC systems, but nothing in the 10 hp. range that I’m wanting. I’m hoping to do an offset gearbelt straight to the rear end yoke, avoiding a transmission. An AC motor would hopefully have enough range that single speed is OK, and I can size my pulley ratios to get the right top end speed.
My initial test platform is an S-10 frame and cab (the cab will most likely be taken off eventually). I am parting out the engine, bed, front end and the rolling chassis will be free. Once I am satisfied with the drive components, I plan to do a 3-wheeler frame (2 in front) and switch the components over.

While I’m asking questions… Are the AC motors a special winding, or could I find an industrial 3 phase that would work with a controller? I have access to free motors at a plant that I do machine work for. I know that the frames may be heavier, but it would give me an experimental piece to work with.

Yes a 3 phase will work… but its the voltage of the motor thats important…

the hard thing is finding a controller/inverter that will drive the Motor at a variable frequency off of a DC input to the controller. They’re not cheap.

OK, I have found a small AC system, I just had to hunt for awhile.


This motor/controller set looks pretty good; I ordered one and hope to be installing next week…


Haven’t gotten a quote from Sevcon on their AC motors yet… looks promising.

I ordered a 9 hp cont. 3-phase AC motor and controller from Electric Motorsports on Sept. 25th (that they advertised on their site). They sent me a 6 hp. setup and it took a week to educate their owner about the difference between peak and continuous rating. Through the process, I found that the manufacturer that winds the motors and sets up the kit with the controller is High Performance Golf Cars in southern Ca. When I got them by phone, they are very knowledgeable and helpfull. They are finishing up a 10 hp. cont., 45 hp peak setup and shipping. If you look on highperformancegolfcars.com , they have a list of dealers. My opinion is that if you talk to HP directly, then order through one of their dealers, it is a quicker and more reliable process. HP will set up the parameters on the Curtis controller to your preferences. I am getting the 1238 controller with regen. Curtis also sells a handheld programmer for about $500 so that you can play with the settings without returning it to the distributor for fine tuning. I paid $3450 for the kit, plus shipping. The 6500 rpm motor will be direct drive, 65 mph top end. My plans are for 1000 to 1200 lb. curb weight, single passenger, three wheels, two up front. HP said this is the same drive that the Apterra is using and I could probably expect about 11 second 1/8 mile acceleration.

Let us know how you like it. There’s a guy I work with that is converting his 650cc Burgman scooter to electric, buying an AC system.

let us know how well it works in a car/truck application.