Anyone try a BLDC Motor for the Ford Think

Has anyone ever tried to adapt a BLDC motor like this one or similar to the Ford Think? I assume some adapter flange and a coupling would do the trick.

Yes, a member has a belt drive on his. @TheTurboDad
I have a couple of these that may bolt up, but won’t fit easily.

In any case a pmac is too slow to direct drive to the transmission.
Limited to 4500-5500 rpm.

An 3 phase induction motor is better suited, we run them 9,000rpm all the time.
Air cooled pmac in my hotrod golf cart. 50php


Interesting, they have the same motor and say it’s good to 6500rpm.
Motenergy did not confirm that when asked. Plenty fast at that rpm. IMO

Would be difficult to mount that as a direct drive like the factory motor is. You would need an adapter from a keyed shaft to a 19 spline coupler. The clearance in the rear is not much where the motor bolts up.

I mounted the motor behind the transmission and do a belt drive. To do this, you will lose space in your trunk aa you have to cut out part of the rear trunk to make room for the motor.

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