72V(83V) Trickle Charger for Pb batteries

Since I installed a remote/wireless voltage and current meter on the 2002 I’m noticing a slight loss of performance after it sits for a couple of days and the battery voltage as settled down to 12.6 or so volts. I know I can send my Zivan charger in and for a few hundred dollars they will add the trickle charger feature to it but for $20 I found a DC-DC converter which will do 83V at 10A with both current and voltage adjustments. 10-60VDC input. i’m thinking of building or getting a simple 100W DC power supply to power this converter and having it turn on 6 hours or so after power is applied and set to 83V 1-2A.

Any comments, insights etc welcome.

you can also put on a cheap wall timer that will turn on every day for 20 min to top off batteries

yes but I was considering it would be better all around keeping it up at 13.4V instead of letting it drop and then boosting it with the Zivan charger over and over.

I lost track of what’s good for lead batteries. Is it good to keep topped off over 13v ?
Could be, :thinking:
But if you want performance, add a battery. Then you’re always over 80 volts.

I really should just sell the batteries for what ever I can get( 1 yr old ) and go Lithium… Which I believe also requires my zivan be sent in for an upgrade so it can be adjusted to charge the lithiums. ?

I think I mentioned, there’s a guy in our EV group who can get brand new Leaf battery cells. I’ll have to ask the price.

holding the batteries at 13.4 keeps them 100% charged and eliminates any internal self discharging and any onboard quiescent discharging.

My charger finally arrived. I have a 24V 5A( 120W ) power supply( is for an electric wheelchair ) I will use to tesst. The plan is to put a diode on the Pos ouput and run it in parallel with the Zivan charger for the test.

The diode drops .7V so I will set it for 80V( which I think is the max for this charger ). At peek it should put out just over 1A but at full charge I’m hoping it’ll be less than 1A but I will be testing that too.

The diode is so that the higher charging voltage of the Zivan doesn’t effect the trickle charger should it kick on. I don’t expect it to and I plan on having this trickle charger depowered for 6 hours after AC is plugged in. Plenty of time for the Zivan to fully charge and turn off.