72 Volt Charging

I want to know if anyone sells a 72V trickle charger.
I want to put my Gem on charge for winter storage.
My Zivan shuts off after a charge.
Currently I plug into a lamp timer and charge 3 hours every 24 hours.
Seems dumb to keep the master on, let it discharge and recharge every day.
I keep my Harleys on trickle for years at a time.

How about 6 12v 1/2amp chargers or a 72v 2amp smart scooter charger.

I looked into the scooter charger and they seem to shut off at the end of the cycle.
I guess they don’t want to cook the little dry cell battery.

Most of them will maintain battery and restart when needed.
Ask the seller if you find one you like.
My 24v and 36v work like this:

"Two LED status indicators glow red when battery is charging and green when the charging cycle is complete. This is an automatic battery charger which stops charging and goes into float mode when the charging cycle is complete to prevent overcharging. "