60 HP reliant DC motors - surplus, available

I am wondering if 2 beautiful DC motors that I aquired at a Military auction a few years ago might have application in EV drives. They are are 60 HP and new in wooden crates. I do not have the exact specs today but I recall them as Reliant, made in Wisconsin, and having a small AC brush cooling motor attached to them. I would love to see them go to a good home, and if anyone is interested I can provide detailed information, Military stock numbers and tag information.

I know i’m intrested, but how much are you thinking for them? and do you know what they were used for before?

please post info you do have.

I do not have a price in mind, I bought several tons of stuff in auctions to obtain a few items I wanted. I have two of these motors - I said Reliant, but I think its Reliance. I will dig into my files and the crates for techinical info, it may take a few days. They are new, military surplus, unused and crated, inside aluminum -mylar bags with moisture absorbent paks. I have only opened one. I also have 3 gorgeous 540 RPM 5 HP 3 phase ac motors that might have some app to you guys, although they are quite heavy. I suppose the DC motors were intended for industrial use with variable speed ac inverters…?

Might be overkill for smaller EVs. Any idea if they are shunt or series wound? ac? dc? ect…
Do let us know. :smiley:

Just a touch on the big side, going by the Reliance site. Also around 610-850lbs.
Give ya $50 each for them :smiley:

probably 60 to 90 cents a pound for scrap value on the copper, so thats a good starting point. I will get back with some more details soon… yeah, its a big unit, but not likely to meltdown.