ADC 8" DC electric motor (for sale!) $1,100 obo

Hey everybody! New guy on the forum here, I’ve got some ev parts for sale, one among them being a beautiful Advanced DC eight inch universal motor. I came out out of a GEO Metro conversion, so it’s primary shaft has been cut down a bit to fit the clutch pack it was mated to. I have stoned the commutator at 12v, this means the motor works and it is ready to go in a project but it will need a break in period for the brushes (400 amps max for a few weeks). While I had it on the bench I took out all the brushes (carefully and one by one!) to clean their housing channels and busbar connections. All eight of the brushes slide freely and have solid connections. I drilled one brush for a thermocouple, this means a tiny hole in the carbon the brush, about a half of an inch deep. This motor has its case drilled and tapped for a couple extra degrees of ccde timing (counter clockwise rotation). It includes its rpm sensor, a couple of phase adjustable mounting plates, and its direction jumper. This is an excellent motor for a small to medium sized car. It requires no additional cooling, has the most widely used mounting pattern and shaft size, it is perfect for a learning project ev, the brushes last a hell of a long time if you break them well, it will work with a wide voltage range, it fits in any “engine” bay, and the supporting accessories (controller, etc.) are super cheap relative to their AC counterparts.
Price as stated above is $1,100 or best offer, send me a message for pictures and to talk pricing/shipping, lets make a deal.