Motor/controller/batteries/contactor for sale

I’ve got a series wound 6.7" A89-4001 Advanced DC (ADC) motor, GE series motor controller (300A, 48V) and 12 18Ah 12V SLA batteries and contactor that I’d be interested in selling. Its extra from a project I finished ( I am not building a second bike, so the extra motor, controller, contactor and bats are for sale. Motor was used briefly in a go-kart, but has minimal brush wear. Bats are used but in good shape (12 18Ah 12V batteries). Motor ontroller is brand new. I’ve got several ev200 contactors so inquire if interested. This would make a great small motorcycle or go-kart conversion for someone.

Looking to get 350 for the motor, 150 for the controller, 100 for a new EV200 contactor and 100 for 12 18Ah batteries with plenty of life left. Prices are OBO.

All is sold. Sorry.