Electric Bike Project for Sale/Parts

I started this project around a year ago with a friend. We were both graduate students in mechanical engineering. Since then he has found a job and I have decided to stay on for a PhD. Everything is in good condition except the controller and I no longer have the time or interest to troubleshoot the controller. $1000 (obo) takes everything. I am located in Southern Virginia (USA), feel free to call if interested (847-502-2690). I have the following:

  1. 1994 Kawasaki ZX6 (frame is untouched - except for a few tabs that were added) - Title in Hand
  2. 4x Optima Yellow Top Batteries D51-500 (41 Ah) with less than 4 cycles on them.
  3. E-tek-R Motor 48V (MARS #ME0708) (Power: 8hp continuous - 15hp peak)
  4. Cycle Analyst v2.0 Digital Dashboard
  5. Dual Pro Four Bank Pro SE 12/24/36/48 Volt 40 Amp Battery Charger - 4 Banks
  6. White Rogers 48V Contactor
  7. Custom 54 Teeth Rear Sprocket (530 Chain)
  8. Custom 16 Teeth Front Sprocket (530 Chain)
  9. Magura Twist Grip Throttle

I also have a Sevcon Programmer for the Sevcon Millipak 4Q - the controller that is currently on the bike and not working, that I will include as well. Pictures of everything can be found through the following link, please note that the battery that powers the stock electronics is dead:

Picasa Web Albums - William - Electric_Bike…

Bill (847-502-2690)

I also have a spreadsheet with all the calculations we made in the early stages to spec out the energy requirements, motor size and voltage. Which is available upon request.

that stinks, it looks like a nice project. and you have an 847 number I thought you were from IL area… unless you’re going to school out here?

It is the other way around. I used to live in the NW suburbs (Chicago), now I am going to school in VA.

ah i gotcha, I was going to say, that number looked firmiliar :slight_smile: its too bad the bike is so far away.