Looking for ev parts

I doubt there is anything that anyone on these forums has for sale… But i will try it anyways.

9" motor
Zilla controller, ANY?
Lead acid batteries?

Anything really…

most people on the forums dont have this stuff for sale, BUT we do have a thread dedicated to different companys that DO supply this stuff. I know because I started one my self. With those links you should be able to easily find all these parts. Good Luck!

I have 6 deep cycle Deca batterys less than 3 mo old which I will sell for half price ($250). Shipping would be a killer-I am in central Indiana.
Tom Thomson

More specs please! I dont know if it would be practical. i need at least 300v!

These are group 27 Deka 12 volts. NAPA #8270

Lectrol,For Contactors,you can get touch with me,Albright style,GE style.
But notice that I am not selling them in two or three.
If interested,i’m reachable at: info@kingnan.com & shawnhuang2003@hotmail.com