48v trans 2 battery installation

I have a 48v trans 2 car. I got it without batterys and they didnt know how they hooked back up. I got 4 12v batterys i am going to use to test before i get 6 8v batteries. I know about the range with the 12v i just want to test it before spending money on non returnable 8v batteries. If anyone knows how to hook the batteries up i would highly appreciate it thank you

Should be just two big cables for B+ and B-.
Then possibly two from charger. And two smaller B+ and B- to control circuits .

Well i tested the motor and it spins when i hooked the jumper to it. But not sure if any other electrical is any good

The link you put in. the one who posted it couldnt add the link in because it was too big and he hasnt been on that site sense 2012. There wasnt a link to it were to find it either

Look if this will help


I think you have found it ill go try thi right now. Thanks alot

Im pretty sure thats the right way to hook up the batterys but the cart is just beeping really loud. But the horn and blinkers and lights work

It is beeping because the E brake handle is in the down position with the key off

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ok have not see none of that 48v carts
yes maybe the brake or reverse alarm beeper ?

Why isnt the cart moving with all the batterys connected

is it totally dead ?
did beeper stop ?
can you here solenoid click ?

do you have charger connected ?

All batteries are fully charged. One of the beepers stoped, and yes it makes a clicking noise

Could be a lot of reasons.

First things first What Model controller do you have?


Check the above site for your controller. There is a trouble shooting guide in the manual.for your cart.

Start at the top and go thru the steps.

If the solenoid clicks when you press the throttle check to see if your getting any output voltage to the motor. If you are you probably have motor problems. If not you could have a defective controller. Try both forward and reverse.

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Does that car display error codes?

No it doesn’t display error codes. I think its a key switch issue could i “hot wire” it some how

dont know what controller you have

but if old 48v Curtis you can try and hot wire it here on pin 1
or check voltage with meter

GEM uses GE controller

I have a TRANS 2 wiring diagram that should be close

email me rodneyadiehl@aol.com

Yeah i looked at the controller and it is a curtis do i just un plug the wire to the pin # 1

Thanks for finding it. I e-mailed you

OK if you have a Curtis controller its a Series motor on that cart ?
can you see a name on controller,curtis 1204 ?
think you have a big main relay and also a big relay for forward,reverse
you need to reed the voltage at this relays and on controller pin 1
release the parkbrake and put on throttle
also disconnect charger for interlock
do you here beeper on reverse ?