48v trans 2 battery installation

It is a 1204 curtis.ok im going to try it now. the beep only does it in one direction and i cant tell which way is forward and reverse

It reads 40 volts. I checked the batterys and 2 were a little low. What now?

are 2 battery bad ? can you try charge with 12volt car charger individually one by one battery

I have fully charged all the batteries with the wall charger and it still does the same thing

Ok are 2 bad battery only 9-10 volt ?
maybe something wrong with them bad cell or so

40volt are that on pin1 or on total pack voltage ?

But shouldnt the tire atleast try to move even on a jack stand

I could have not done it right i put the red on pin1 and the black to the main relay. Is this right?

maybe you have one broken part,need first to control test main contactor,throttle,forward reverse relay

I have no idea how to test it though. Were do i put the leads to

T he solenoid just clicks. Does that mean its bad?