I found a trans 2 wiring diagram

heres a wire diagram.

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I tried to post a link back to this post from that other site you are on but I have not been on the site long enought to post links there.

Purchased a '96 Trans2 Golf Cart, does anyone have a wiring diagram? - Page 2

That wire diagram does not match what I am working on. The steering wheel have a big T2 in the middle of it and that is why I am saying it is a Trans2. The wiring diagram reads down at the right Global Electric MotorCars (GEM) date 4/95. There seems to be some difference between the Trans 2 and the GEM. Just enough to mess things up. The wiring diagram shows only 2 wires for the park brake switch (pbrksw and pbrkswrt at SW7) and the unit I am working on has 3 wires so am lost at the moment

well you said your cooling fan runs mine only runs well the charger does so i think its bad or the batterys are.you dont live in Wi do you because then i could look at it

I live in Tryon NC. It is not the batteries because we were charging them with a golf cart charger we borrowed and had it wired straight to the batteries. I have not got to check on it since we wired the charger up last week end. The man that owns it told me today the batteries were not charging. I thought it was because when it got it all wired up you would get a small arc when you hooked up the battery cable with the charger plugged in and then the fan would switch on. If you remove the battery cable the fan would switch off after a few seconds. I am going to take an in-line amp meter from work this week end and take the guess work out if the question of the charger putting out or not. I do know this much, if you unplug the pin connector (8 wires I think) from the charger the cart will not run at all. The controller must be wired into the charger for some reason

I have a trans 2 1996 model year and the chager is not working who can repair these? In WI.:confused:

Where in wi?

Eau Claire,Wi.

So did you trade me the mini truck for it? would you sell it?

I mite sell it I bought it a while back and just put new batteries in it this summer now the charger dont seem to work.

How much? I traded you or sombody that for a japanese mini truck in Osseo.