Trans 2

i have a trans 2 48v and i was wondering if someone had a manual?
should i be able to tell when i move the surface switch because i cant?
and i used a gps and no matter what it goes 16mph

You should be able to tell, especially when starting off. A Trans 2 should be able to do 20 mph.


What do I do I checked the switch and it connects?

My wiring diagram is for the 72 volt system and may be different. From the switch, the white wire goes to pin 15 on the DC / DC converter. The violet / yellow wire goes to pin 9 on the motor controller. So, open the master disconnect switch under the seat, disconnect the plugs at both the DC / DC converter and Motor controller, set the switch to road mode, and check for continuity from pin 15 at the converter harness to pin 9 at the controller harness. Some industrial and commercial users of GEMs have deliberately disabled the road switch in order to slow the vehicle down and prevent wheel spin on grass. Usually this was accomplished by simply removing a wire from the road switch. If there is no continuity, trace the wire and find the break. If there is continuity, there is either no reference voltage from the converter or the controller is bad.


Theres coninuity.about how many volts should go to the switch?

Make sure the road switch wire is not shorted to ground. The manual does not specify the reference voltage or polarity. It must be either 12 volt or 48 volt. Chassis ground should be the common.


Well I ran power right to the wire on the 9pin plug and it still doesn’t make a difference

Was there any voltage present at either the converter or controller? We don’t know whether the voltage goes from the converter to the controller or vice versa. It is remotely possible that a previous owner had the controller reprogrammed for less amperage. This would happen where a vehicle is used indoors such as a warehouse or airport. Your controller might be bad. There are companies that inspect, repair, and program these. Ride for Fun is the first that comes to mind. If I can be any more help, let me know.


There was power to the converter but I don’t know where the power goes to the controller for the turf thing.

I know how difficult this is trying to test drive a vehicle with the wiring apart for testing. Programming tools are available for these GE motor controllers. We have one for our GEMs. Even more difficult is driving along with a laptop spliced into the wiring harness. Let me get the model number of your controller. I may be able to find the data sheet. You may also want to call Ride for Fun and tell them you have controller not going into road mode and see what advice they give.


The model number is 1204-804

Here is a technical manual from GE covering NEV motor controllers. Your older 48 volt controller may be different. After you find your model number, look here:
Download Technical Manuals for Electric Forklift, Golf Cart Controls
and download your file. Otherwise, this file goes into great detail in explaining how the controller works and provides troubleshooting advice and diagrams.


My motor says ge but the controller says Curtis.

Nothing comes up under that number. GE motor controller model numbers are the letters IC followed by a long number. An example is:


If you like, call me at 443-802-1140. I am afraid of clogging up the forum.


I found the wire that hooks to the controller and it has power to the controller

Please post an image of your controller. I have not yet found a Curtis 1204 that has a turf selector switch. It may be possible that this is not the original controller.


heres a picture

it does something else now now in road mode it drives on its own and you push the gas down a little bit and it goes a little faster then it stops and you turn it to turf mode and its normal

I need a wiring diagram for a Trans 2. I think it is a 1996 from the date code on the body panels and from a number I found on the dash under the steeing.

whats wrong with yours?