23 pin connector re-pin for spoof etc

First off, do it when you have time and good lighting. Easy enough, but don’t want to break it.

In a nutshell, the red part gets released by the black tabs on the sides.
It is this part (red) that locks the pins in.
The book says to twist and pull to remove wire.

I find it better to go a step further and remove the red piece completely, so as to see the release inside.
Then you can see that the new pin is inserted correctly.

Snap it back together and done.

For more spoof info, pm for email and PayPal.
If you want a custom voltage spoof. Send $25 with a note.
15 volts is what I use for 24s lithium conversion.
Actual voltage limit may vary +_- 10%
Spoof raises both ceiling and floor.
A switch or jumper bypassing spoof will restore stock limits.

ie. If you get stranded below Gem starting voltage. Remove or bypass to drive Gem to a charger outlet.

I cna confirm this worked perfectly and was super duper easy to install. Thanks!

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Got my Chargery today along with the spoof wire. Installed the spoof wire without a problem, but now I see, above, that it raises both the ceiling and floor. What does this mean? I am aware that the Gem would shut down at about 68v. Also the manual that I can find is not exactly like the 1500 that I received. What settings do you recommend along with how to operate the unit SAFELY?

Gem will not shut down until 60v. New is 65v.
Will not start with low battery. 68v. New is 73v
Will not start over 85v. New is 90v.
Let me know if that works out.

Thanks for the reply. Just to confirm I use two leads from the XT90 plug. One to the positive pole on the number 1 battery and the other one to the negative pole on the number six battery.

Yes, red to pos and black to neg.

Select chem. LiPoFe4 I believe.

Then total number of cells.

Might be 24s if total max volts is 88v.

Start conservative at say 10 amps.

Shut off % not a big deal. Leave at 20% is ok.

Finish volts for Fe4 is 3.7 volts I think.

Ask smart battery if in doubt. Should be protected internally.

You can also top off modules one at a time. Charger only goes down to 5s Fe4, but it can be tricked. I do it all the time for lto.

Set to 5s Fe4, 2.96v per cell. = 14.8 volts total. (all that matters)

After set up hold button for a few seconds to start. If all is correct it will start a charge cycle.


Here I am again with another question about the charger. Is there a memory in the charger that holds the settings in case of a power failure or unplugging it? If so, mine doesn’t seem to work.

The charger remembers the setting for each battery type. If interrupted it needs to be restarted manually.
It does have an auto mode to lock it on one setting.

Put charger on GEM today with the settings you suggested. Seemed to work for awhile (30 or so min.) but then dropped to 0.0 amp and 254 MAH, Temp. 30.0C. This was after a short beeping sound from the charger.

Same thing happens after I restart the charger only it is less than 1 min.

The beep means charge cycle is finished.
Charger will also stop and display “connection” if charge is terminated by a bms.

Are batteries full?
What voltage?
All the same?

It sounds like one battery is over-charged and terminating charge cycle.
You may have monitor voltage of each one to find the full one or bad one, going over 15volts.
Symptom would be “connection break” message on charger.
That means a module is over-full and protecting itself.

They are not even but, but none are over 14.6 volts. I will work with them some more to see if I can get them to even out.

Bring each battery up to even or near even now with the settings you suggest above. Will let you know in the morning.

The charger is doing the same thing it did before when trying to do the 72 volt pack. I isolated each battery and hooked the charger to just that battery. Kicked off a short while later with the voltage reading only 13.6 volts.

There are two thing that end the charging cycle:

  1. Charge cycle complete. Ie. when the current drops to 20% of setting.
  2. Connection break. The battery protection breaks the connection.

If there are no error messages. Set the % to 10% or even 5%. It will trickle more into battery.
Or just crank the voltage up.

Built in Automatic Battery Protection System Internal
Automatic Low Voltage Disconnect 8V
Automatic Short Circuit Protection Instant
Automatic Over Voltage Protection 15.8V
Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection

So you can set as high as 5 cells LiFe4 @ 3.16v per cell.
5 X 3.16 = 15.8v.

When your smart battery is fully charged and ov protection triggers, charger will fault. “connection break”

I’m only going by info on Smart Battery site.
If you have question, you may need to ask them.

Tried this too and got the same results. I think it is something wrong with the charger. It is reading the battery at 15 volts when I know it only has 13.4 volts in it.

Anythings possible. The voltage only displays properly while charging. Not in idle mode.
If you think that’s an issue, keep turning it up. Measure voltage at battery and turn charger off if voltage gets high.

What does charger say when it turns off?

You can also charge manually. Select power supply mode. 5 or 10 amps. 15 volts.
Again measure at battery. The leads can drop a volt or two.

I’m not there, but it appears that the batteries are not accepting more charge.

What should the other settings be for manual charge?

This is with just one battery hooked up. Tried manual at 5 ah but not difference. The charger started the charge cycle reading 15.1 volts and quit shortly afterwards. I believe there is something wrong with the charger. Did get a connection break a couple of times.