2018 polaris gem e6 wrong gear

I’ve been a gem owner for a month and was looking for more speed so I ordered the speed kit 1 from ride 4 fun.

Successfully installed it.

Turns out they accidentally sent me the speed 2 kit(which they told me wont work on the E6) and I found this out when I was hitting 45mph…

My question is:

How long before I burn out the motor?

I really don’t want to disassemble again…

Is it noisy ??? You do not have to run it wide open all the time but you have speed when you need it Just ordered kit 2 for my 2016 E4 hope to see that number

It sounds like you proved R4F wrong (It wont work?)

How is the accel on the bottom end?
Having 6 people loaded up might be a little doggy when taking off.
If you live around any hills makes the problem a little worse.

This is probably why R4F says it won’t work.

Maybe you can trade your gearbox for someone that installed a Kit 1 and wants to go faster?

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i had the #1 gear installed in my 22 E4, it does 34 mph (radar) which is plenty fast enough, for the disk brakes that are not that good. it has the 6.5 kw motor. considering the steering, etc, i wouldn’t want to go any faster.

With 6.5kw motor and heat sink on controller you should be fine unless needing more torque. Ie. @AssyRequired
Motors are temperature protected, overheat symptoms will be fault and loss of power.

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SCHINIA What battery pack THANKS

I put a heavy gear oil so its not bad

Luckily I live in a flat area.

I should have clarified, won’t work in the sense that it will overload the motor.

(See Inwo comment above)
You are in a lucky position to test.
If the motor is overloaded it will tell you before burning itself up.
You may need a finned heat sink under controller if that gets hot.

A LWB 6 seat car has the added advantage of length and more stability for the higher speeds once you got there.

How is the performance down at low speeds and loaded with friends?
Do you have the roads to support it and a need to go that fast?

Your call.


Thats good to know about the motor.

It is extremely stable at high speed(I’m surprised)

Its a little slower to take off but not horrible, I roll on to the throttle off the line otherwise I get wheel hop from 14-16mph.

The speed helps me out a lot in my neighborhood. I few areas where I have to merge on higher speed roads for a short length.

My range has been hit pretty hard(lead acid). Will definitely be looking into lithium batteries.

Standard with 6.5kw motor. At least it is on my 2018 EL.

I’m going to have to send Ride4Fun a Christmas card. They sell people gears, range drops hard and then I get to sell them a lithium battery. Yes speed sucks power. No lead battery will keep up with a 35mph Gem for long. FYI the lithium will be 250 pounds lighter so will help with acceleration a lot. Also we can raise the voltage 4 volts to help the motor.


Can you send some pricing options please

i had the distance battery’s installed.

Hey what did you Pay for the Speed 2 kit?
I have the 12:35 Gears in My transmission
Thinking about what the Speed 2 kit would give me Top End?

I have the larger Motor as well as a High Voltage conversion so I’m pretty sure my Car could turn the larger Gear Raito.

The 234ah ones(same size as the extended range Polaris lithium battery) $3150

The 312ah one is $4200.
Both come with BMS that Bluetooths all the battery info to your phone.


It was $695

The top end is really nice, I roll into the throttle until about 15 mph to avoid wheel hop

You should be fine, the only time i notice issues is if I’m going up a really steep parking ramp loaded with people. My cart is completely stock otherwise.

By wheel hop you mean “jerking”? As I don’t believe there is enough power to the wheels to actually hop.
It may be possible to tune that out. Some of our conversions have this issue and we do not consider it acceptable. A possible reason high gears were ill-advised by seller.

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Wheel hop-
My brain translated that into “wheel spin”. I would have thought that going higher ratio would make it worse.

Now that the scene (loaded with passengers and going up a parking ramp) was laid out this sounds like it is something else like low speed cogging? (The motor not keeping up with the AC Pulses).


We call it cavitating. I don’t understand it completely, but we can adjust the torque map to fix it. Not 100% sure it is available in oem controller.