2016+ gem re-gear options

Is there any other source for different ratio gears besides ride 4 fun? Looking for a 12:35 to 1. I can install myself. Thanks

May not be a good choice for an E6. Proportional loss of torque. Any hills?
However, there are a few on here, and FB, that will trade gear boxes to get back to stock if you wish.

I personally don’t like changing gears when there are other ways to raise the speed electronically.

If you still want to go that route, I might have a classic gearbox modded for 2016+ cars with 12.35 in it.

The reason i didn’t want to order from ride 4 fun is because they sent me a mislabeled gear on another E6. Ordered a 12.35 and they sent an 8:1. Figured this out after I was cruising down the road at 40mph+.

I live in a flat area and don’t really have any issues with the 8:1. Except for very steep driveways.

What kind of electric mods are there?

Id be interested in that gear box, let me know

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please check your DMs

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Flat area,very steep driveways :thinking:

I live at the beach, there’s a few underground parking structures. The ramps are steep, mystery solved!

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I also own an E6 (2018), wondering if you were successful in increasing the speed? And did you do it by reprogramming or a gear change

For anyone stuck with 8:1 gears, i have a 12kw pmac motor that will power them. Needs to be installed by one of the ac motor group though. @FUNDAD

@Rjohnson24 - What is your zip code?

@Rjohnson24 I can reprogram your oem speed controller for 35mph with oem Gearbox and motor. Everything will work only speed governor is removed.

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Zip code is 33813. Lakeland Florida.

New to the Gem car, mine is a 2018 E6. What is cost and turn around time for reprogramming? Is the controller an easy removal from the unit?

Thanks for replying so quickly.


Have you found the top voltage the stock configuration will take? Any idea what the top speed will be with top voltage and the ECM reprogramming on the flats?

This is so cool… I love my high voltage conversion but certainly not for the average DIY-er and someone on a budget. This definitely seems like the easy button.

If it’s like the eMs, it’s the DC-DC converter that is the voltage limitation. I’ll have to look it up exactly, but I think it’s 62v for the 48v converter

It is. 60v hard limit for converter.
69v hard limit for 48v Sevcon. Including Regen. So 65 is pushing it, 16s, is pushing it.
Michael and Gabe do 16s, but I’m hesitant. Shipping 16s Tesla with my ELhd, the exception. Plenty capacity 60% charged. 3.75v.

35mph at 9000 rpm. Push it to 10,000 rpm if you dare. for another 3mph?
I did the math once and believe 10,000 hits the encoder frequency limit. IIRC
10,000rpm x 64 ppr. 64,000 cycles/min. Wait that’s only 1khz I better look.


65v is the max absolute it will take. over than that gem will error and it wont work.
16s works fine. if charged it up to 4.05v

I havent personally tested it over 9500 rpm (37mph) I’ve shipped an Experimental VCM for 10k rpm to Kevin so @Erniea15 if you want you can try it.

Are we talking about the one you originally sent for @itsrixter? It was in Kevin’s ride temporarily. I’ll grab that back from Kevin and need to find a stock car to play with. Kevin’s running 24s goliaths.