2016 Gem ride4fun speed kit 2

I have a 2016 E2 and am thinking of upgrading the speed. Has anyone installed the ride4fun speed kit 2?
If so, what do you think of the upgrade? Was it relatively easy to install? Did you also install the whine reducing bracket?


I believe the R4F speed kit is a 12:35 transmission.that will let your car go 35Mph

Rodney here on the fourm (oldhouseboater) can sell u a 12:35 transmission for much less the R4F the same transmission or gears as R4F

I have Rodney’s transmission in my 2017 and it go’s 35 mph no problem


Interested in getting my 2016 E2 to go 35mph. Please let me know my options. Thanks

I changed motor and controller in my 2016 E2. It runs 35 easily, even uphill.
The gear change is easier and less money if you are mechanically inclined.
The electric method lets you tune the performance.
Either way will cut mileage, possibly in half.
My plan for the E2 was to use it as a test bed and sell it. It’s so much fun now, with 12kwh lithium pack and the 8kw motor, my new daily driver.
@grantwest ran his E4 for a while with gear change only. He can give a good review of the changes he’s made.
I would not run my E2 over 35mph. 25-30 is perfect. It gets there fast and has extra when needed.

Is there any other quick/less expensive options before considering the gear change? Not sure what the “magic magnet” is or does

Mm only works on dc motors. I don’t believe there is a similar fix for the a.c. cars.

For going 35 MPh
Gear change $700 is the cheapest option that I know of. It’s gets the job done. BUT the car is slower at take off and getting up to speed cause the electronic nanny’s are still at work.

Think of it like this. Stock right now your 48v car takes of in first gear. When you add gears it’s like you car is taking off in 3rd gear. Your going from 17:1 gear raito to 12:35 and your car knows it.

But like I said it will get the job done.

Switching to a 60+ volt lithium battery helps. It gets rid of weight and ups the voltage. 2 things gem cars like. You can add another $3000 for that option

I must say Gem did a real good job at locking the cars down as far as speed compared to he original gems. Example a Magic a magnet and your going 40 compared to the new gems $700-$1000 to go 35 MPH.

With that said I’m super happy with my 50Mph
And 50mile range gem!


Consider the cost of a new gem, and a $10k lithium add-on from Polaris. A $5k after market upgrade to make the car do what you want is money well spent. Imo

grantwest – with the 12.35 gears, speedometer reads 25mph when road speed is 35mph – correct? Is this the only electronics side effect or is regeneration, etc affected? With 12KW 48V lithium battery, can the car still climb the same hills albeit more slowly?