2018 Gem E6 not turning on

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Hope this is the write category since I am new here. Please to meet everyone. Looking to gain some knowledge and help other people with their GEMs.

My question is I have a 2018 Polaris GEM e6 that I drove on Sunday with low battery, but it took a charge and was working fine. Went to start it today and it won’t turn on. I checked the aux battery and it reads 14v. Pack voltage is reading 52 volts. I checked the fuses in the fuse box and down by the controller. All seem good. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


it won’t turn on.

Be a little more specific.

  • Dash does not light?
    or It just won’t go?

  • Is the car still plugged in?

  • Do headlights, turn signals, brake lights work when Key ON?

Apologies. Turn the key and nothing. No dash no lights nothing. Also tried bypassing the ignition to see if that was the issue. No luck

Go to the fuse box and check the accessories fuse, actually you can check them all Just in case

Thank you for your response. I checked those fuses, and the ones down by the controller. All are good. I even checked with the voltmeter. I am stumped!

So- It may seem like a silly question back at you again (because you didn’t answer) -

→ Is your car still plugged in?

My reasoning- Your Aux battery being at 14V and your main pack at 52V seem to be a bit high for being unplugged and resting.


Yes vehicle is unplugged at this time. The car took a full charge then won’t turn on anymore. The only thing I can think of is I did install Samsara tracking devices on the vehicle. That being said I don’t think that is the issue because I have a few others with tracking devices and they are working fine.

Interesting. I am not familiar with those.
Is this set up for tracking only?
Or does it also have the ability to remotely disable the car? (by chance)

When did you do that install? between Sunday drive and Monday?
Depending on where you tapped that in for power, I’d have a look at those connections because it is something that has changed.

Yes we did the tracker in between Sunday and Monday. It does tracking and monitors driver activity. Hm. Not sure if it can cut the car off, but does drain aux battery at 2 amps per hour if not plugged in.

Here are the pictures of pack voltage and aux battery voltage. Third picture is where the tracking device is installed.

Constant 12v from the bus bar has a 5A fuse, so you can’t pull too much power from it, but since you already checked the fuses that might not be the problem.

If you need a constant 12v your best bet would be to connect it directly to the Aux battery.

Going back to the main problem, was the car working and suddenly stopped? Did you change something that could have caused the issue?

Car was working and I didn’t do anything to it other then add the tracking devices into the point pictured above

Your bmc might be fried if all the fuses are good.

Do you mean the BDI?

Yikes!! 2A sounds like alot. That sounds like a risky thing to be adding to such a little battery without much capacity. Is this measured or according to label?

Your tracker must be transmitting too. How is it getting info out to the network/you? Is this on a Cellular network?

Is that the antenna I see taped across the front of the car or is that for a stereo?

Why do you feel it needs to be on all the time? Does it have a lengthy boot up and sat lock/acquire time?

Your new tracker looks like it has it’s own inline fuse. Try pulling that fuse and see if the car boots up.

I know… long shot, but it IS the only thing that was changed between car running and not running.

Also- Take a real good look at all the connections you altered/had your hands on. Maybe one terminal fell off the post when you weren’t looking? Or not fully seated. When checking for power at connections, don’t just check the posts, check the crimp connectors too.

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Not sure what you mean with the BDI, the BMC is next to the speed controller and It’s kinda sensitive to any short even if it’s minimum

Did you connect the tracker to the 12v continuous side of the bus bar ? (Some cars are switched sides)

Pinging @Inwo to see if has any other idea.

Appreciate everyone’s assistance thank you! I know the tracker is installed properly because I did the same for 10 other vehicles. I’ll check the controller as well. Side note I also checked ignition switch and that isn’t the issue. I “hot wired it” and still got nothing. I also took the tracker out just to see what happens and still won’t start.

Sorry, it will take more time to study than I have at present.
If you ask Polaris, they will sometimes share a pdf service manual.
Else it’s well worth the $100 or so for a printed copy.
Trouble shooting is straight forward, but time consuming when not familiar.
Polaris asks not to share the pdf, so I’m hesitant to share without permission.

Can you direct me where to purchase? It’ll be well worth the $100

Google.com is an incredibly powerful tool. :slight_smile:

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