2017 Gem em 1400 questions

I’m looking to get some info on these, I found one a couple hours away for sale for $2500 with 3400 miles. The owner says the batteries might be starting to show their age and there’s an intermittent error code that pops up and stops the car until the key is turned off and then back on. It has a hard top and doors. Sorry that’s all the information I’ve been able to get and want to make sure it’s worth the drive to look at/buy. I’m curious, are these nice vehicles (or at least considerably better than my 08 elxd)? Is this a decent deal? @Inwo do you have controllers for these if it needs to be replaced? Are other parts available for this if needed, mechanical or electrical?

Night and day better. I have a naked 2014 and a fully enclosed 2015.
My favorite vehicle.
Afaik the controllers are not locked. I have firmware for mine. Don’t know about the newer ones.
Let me know if you decide against it so I can pick it up. Or if you just want to flip it.

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Sigh….why couldn’t you have told me it’s not worth it, it’s 6 hours away. Guess I’m planning a road trip. Thanks for the info

Well I’ve got it home and finally had some time to give it a once over. Unfortunately it ended up costing me much more than $2500 and I didn’t get a title for it, waiting on the mso from Polaris. Seems like a pretty nice rig, has 1 completely junk battery and one that’s not so great. There’s no backup/safety beeper and the rear tail lights turn on/off with the key switch, is this normal? Any idea where the beeper and the battery cutoff switch is? What’s my options for batteries and to get a bit more speed out of this? I’ve kept up on the older 72v carts but I haven’t even paid attention to what’s going on with the newer ones because I didn’t think I’d ever have one.

If it’s like my 2015, I can just turn the rpms up to 9500. That will give you 35mph.
I haven’t looked mine over close enough to see if a big battery will fit. I know two small ones will.
The one I drive isn’t street legal. If yours is, it may be locked up like the new Gems. Then it takes a new controller or gear change for more speed.

I’m getting a 2019 Tomberlin E4 tomorrow never titled. Don’t know if it’s possible.

@Inwo I sent you a private message