First EV! 2018 GEM eM1400 LSV

Hi everyone!

Picked up this GEM of a GEM that’s been sitting all alone behind a school for the last 2 years =[

Rusted up in a lot of places, but hopefully I can get her working, although I might need some help from these forums!

Seller said I would need new batteries and a new controller… most wires were disconnected, but the school that owned it, I’m not sure how much they knew.

Each battery still has ~6.xx volts (after sitting unused for 2+ years), so currently I have I’ve disconnected them all and I’m individually charging them with an AGM 6v standalone charger which seems to bring most up to 6.40-6.50v.

Motor is a 36v Schabmuller. I searched for that type but zero’s mention of schabmuller on these forums.

Controller is a Sevcon Gen4, which had the wiring harness unplugged from it. ::

I guess my current goal is to see if I can get nominal voltage across the board, try to rewire everything and see if there’s any power.

Most likely i’ll fail there, and I’m open to throwing money at the problems, granted I can find out what’s wrong!

There are a few of us who have eM1400 here.

Great platform. Its not really even a GEM. its basically a 2wd electric polaris ranger 500.

The shop manual, about $125 from polaris is worth every penny.

Parts are hit and miss. Lot of ranger parts on there if you can spend the time to figure out the cross reference.

Thanks for the words, I know now I could look into the Polaris Ranger 500 eV for parts.

As for getting the shop manual @JarJarJava can you point me in the right direction? Or just go to my local Polaris dealer and ask for one (would it be the Ranger 500 manual or you think the Polaris dealer could get me a GEM manual?).

A question today, I was putting my batteries back together, and forgot to take a before picture on the drivers side. Could you tell me where to attach this small wire with two ring-terminals on it in the bottom left of my picture? Thanks for help!

Its a GEM eM1400 specific manual.

Goes by
“Service Manual for 2014-2021 GEM EM1400”
Item # 9850041

The link i have to order online is dead because gem is now no longer Polaris and is now identifying as Tilt-a-Whril or whatever they call themselves.

I’ll have to get back to you on the wires locations.

thanks! I was able to find the manual online from the part# you provided. ordered it for $90. :sunglasses:

Cool. I think thats what i paid too about a year ago.

Today I got an email from stating:

No Longer Available

So it looks like i’m not getting the manual. although it seems they’re holding onto my money :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Called my local GEM dealer and explained what I needed…

He has a ~220page PDF and was able to email it to me!!!

Now to get tinkering :smiley:

… in the future if anyone needs a PDF, it covers 2014-2021 em1400

Going over the service manual *(thanks again @JarJarJava) I think it’s safe to assume the wiring terminals I asked you about power the 12v systems on the GEM.

This is the only diagram I found that might have referenced them, showing the connections with battery 1(-) & battery 2(+).,

A confirmation would be nice, but I think i’ll hook that up.

Yes. They are 12v wires.

Sent ypu a couple pms too

Thank you so much friend!

Sorry I wasn’t trying to pressure you, I’m just excited to get my first GEM running!

Thanks again for the picture.

I tried uploading the manual here but the forums said NOT ALLOWED! :[

I’ll send you over an email, digital assets are always free!

Thanks man.

Is better for the forum this way. Keeps them out of hot water

I understand.^

Another question: In this picture below, I have my NEG 48v & POS 48v cables ending in thin air.
The service manual doesn’t have any images or part numbers, but I believe there should be a ‘Contactor / Solenoid’ there?

This is at the back of the cab, right? Kind of almost under the bed?

Yes! Right behind the batteries, passenger side.

I’ve labeled the picture:

Blue circle: Two small lead-wires red&brown in color with 90° boots on them.
Red circle: The (+)48v & (-)48v from the series battery connections & a ring-terminal with 3-wires going from it.
Yellow circle: Area next to the controller where I believe the Contactor would mount *(has 2 loose screws in picture)

This looks to be the last missing piece on the eV before I can start testing the electrical system, not sure why it’s missing but surely something has to fill that void.