New to me GEM, new to the forum

Hello all just picked up a 2002 E2 in Idaho this weekend and thought I would get started on a thread about it. I used to work for a Dodge dealership in IT years ago and we sold the GEM’s so I am very familiar with them overall. This cart is a little rougher than the seller advertised unfortunately but I think it is workable. Batteries are on their last leg, several lights not working, Charger indicator not working etc. Seems to drive fine other than the short range, pushes freely turns well nothing seems unusual. There is some fiberglass damage under the drivers seat that someone attempted to repair and did quite a poor job of it and the right front fender is shattered so need to deal with those things. Front windshield rubber strip is gone and lots of adhesive residue all over it that is going to be fun to get off. I have some questions but will ask them in their own threads so people can get answers if searching in the future. I found a few answers already but others not quite clear enough so will post those. Thanks for a great site with what seems like a lot of great, knowledgeable people.

You will get a great feeling of accomplishment bringing it back to mint. Welcome to the family.

Thanks, I just placed the order for pickup of 6 new US Batteries US12VXC2 for $199 each. I cannot find any reason to justify the additional $40/battery when everything I read and the specs support them being just as good if not even better than the Trojan counterpart. I did go for the XC2’s at a slightly higher cost as they are supposed to have much better overall performance.

Hi IssaquahWA1979

Welcome to the forum - we hope that you find it helpful.

I am looking forward to reading about your project as I know many others will be as well.



So I have picked up a few parts to get the GEM looking and running a little better… I am replacing the headlights with LED’s, already installed Extremely bright LED’s in the tail lamps, Picking up 6 new US battery US12VXC2’s, started cleaning up the glue from where the windshield rubber strip was, installed Trunkback replacing the golf bags (which btw are for sale) etc.

Attached are the pictures comparing the old bulbs to the new LED, and then the LED tail vs. turn intensity. I also set one of the new headlights into the hood to show what they will look like.

How about make model source and price of the new lights?

that would be very helpful wouldn’t it :slight_smile: EXPENSIVE is the price but I think worth it to be able to see and be seen. (I have not paid for them yet as I was test fitting to make sure they will work but looks like they will)

I get all of my LED lighting here in town from HID Kit Pros Ben does not have them on the site yet as they just came in. They are intended for the Mazda’s I believe. Here is the page with the lights though and I will get a model number as soon as I get home.

I also get all of my LED bars from Ben as he sells Torton which has proven for me to be as reliable as the Rigids at a fraction of the price.

If enough people are interested in any combination of his products I more than likely can get a group purchase discount.

here is the link directly to the lights I am working with that fit the cutouts well…

here is the link for the taillight bulbs I used (yes I do overkill, plenty of lower cost modules available)

I guess I don’t need them that bad.

the biggest reason for me spending the money on them is here in WA during winter the days are short and dark is really dark especially when raining so I NEED something that will get the job done but wanted something that would not blind the crap out of other drivers like the bar.