New to Forum and GEMs

Hi all, we picked up a 2002 E825 back in April after looking for a golf cart for quite a while. I did a bit of lurking on here and Google before pulling the trigger, reading I’d probably need to put around $1-2k into it pretty much right off the bat, and y’all weren’t kidding!

So far I’ve installed:

  • Disc brake kit
  • Replaced headlights with LEDs
  • 12" wheels on 23" tires (hand-me-downs from my dad’s old golf cart)
  • Fabbed a 3" lift kit after countless trips to the hardware store(s), and @diymatt 's Youtube
  • New 15.75" struts all around
  • Generic golf cart rear seat with seat belts fabbed on with the help of my brother-in-law
  • Triple gauge-pod on dash for GPS Speedometer, battery level gauge, and stock gauge
  • BOSS bluetooth radio in original gauge location + speakers, all marine-grade
  • RGB LED’s because I can’t say no to the kids

Next few immediate things are to do some work on the rear fender fiberglass to get it to fit since adding the rear seat brackets, and just got some new center caps today to replace the awful rusted ones.

Next big plans are to paint it (thinking Toyota Cavalry Blue), and really wanting to do the lithium conversion sooner rather than later. Will probably wait till the current batteries start to degrade (probably by this time next year), and for my bank account to recover from the influx of GEM parts in the past 2 months.

So far I’ve had fun fixing it up, and the family and I are having a blast running around town and saving a bit on gas for those quick trips to the store and the park! Glad we found a GEM and stand out a bit from everyone else with a plain ol golf cart, and glad this community exists! Tons of good info I’ve found so far. Looking forward to this journey!


nice original Ideas . You are off to a good start . How about some more pictures on the rear seat install . Also where are you located ?

Thanks, I’m in Texas. These are the only other two pictures I have of the rear seat frame, blurry and at weird angles. Basically just 4 square tubes welded to the 3-link, angle iron on top to complete the “box”, then a couple pieces that extend back like wheelie bars to attach the foot rest to. The seat bolts down onto the flat parts of the angle iron, which is un-level in that pic thanks to those cheap struts. Those were returned and replaced with some definitely not-cheap Progressives, and the seat sits perfectly level now.

Edit: found one more

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Welcome to the Group. Great progress! Which LED bulbs did you use?
Glad to see seat belts for the rear seat passengers. Looks like you have some precious cargo

Thanks Gemmy! Yes, momma bear said seat belts were a must, and she definitely made a good call. These GEM’s are quite torquey, and could easily throw anyone off the backseat since you’re sitting backwards.
These are the LED headlights I used. Was almost a perfect fit, just had to bend the stock bracket a bit to make them fit.

Those Led’s are a nice addition to an earlier Gem . Nice job.

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Thanks! That was technically the first upgrade I did. There’s no way I’d drive at night with the previous stock ones, almost unusable.

On another note, am I right @kinghappy that you’re the one to talk to about lithium packs? I noticed someone mentioned you sell them?

When it comes to Lithium , I’m your guy .

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@LithiumGods I’m interested! What kinda cost am I looking at for the simplest conversion?

If you are willing to do the testing on a 2002 , I can give you the tester price . Won’t have all the details for about a week . I will post when they are available .

What charger do you have ? And which motor ?

My middle name is “guinea pig”. I’m willing.

I’ll get you which charger/motor I have when I get home in a little bit

Don’t think of it as Guinea pig , Think of it as a " Scientific Explorer"

message me your phone #

Where did you purchase this backseat?

I’m looking to do a lithium conversion on my 2002 Gem car

Amazon. Just tried to get the most generic one that flipped into a cargo bed as I could, although doesn’t seem to be available anymore