2016 Project Car

Ok after much back & forth With the owner I was Finally able to get this 2016 Project E4.

This car was owned by GOOGLE it was a “Self Driving” pet project car. It started out life as a normal AC 48 volt car.

Google got it and for what ever reason converted the car to DC. They installed a D&D 7.5 Hp DC motor & Altrax controller and a 72v lithium battery. The owner said the car went 35Mph. The owner took out all the self driving stuff and kept it. He also took out the D&D motor and Altrax controller and battery.

I showed up with 6k and a Truck and Trailer.
What he had was quite different then what he told me I was gonna see. (But such is life) I can’t tell you how many cars I have showed up to see that the owner said were in “Great Condition” only for it to be a total piece of crap.
This was a car I was willing to take a risk on cause I really really wanted it.

Well the car had, No Key, No Pink Slip, Motor & Controller & Charger & Throttle Not installed.
The battery was a tiny 40amp hr Chevy Volt battery. The body work has some cracks and the dash has some big hole where the forward and Reverse switch used to be, Ooo and did I Mention they disconnected the steering at the rack because they lost the key and the car steering was locked. Soooooooo. Even with all that wrong I STILL BOUGHT IT I know I know. Well here are some pics of it. I know when I’m done it’s gonna be bad a$$. So stay tuned.

Why don’t you go drive it around the block and see how she handles…oh wait… you can’t…

Does look nice tho !!!

Getting Excited, just putting together with David a list of all the stuff the New car is gonna Have. So far. 8kw Motor 12:35 Gears, 20
Cell Chevy Bolt battery, BMS 24

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Woot Woot - Going AC baby.

I will have mine with 12:44 (I think it is 12:44 - stock 08’ gear box) gears up and running soon so we can see how that compares to 10:35

That will be a good test: what size wheels/tires are you gonna run?

I’m thinking the 9:8 transmission might be a better option, so it will be good to see what your number are with the 12:44

My hotrod goes >50mph with 12:1 and 18" tall tires.
Days of worrying about tire size for speed are over. :slight_smile:

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Wow: 50 Mph with 12:35 and small tires. That’s Music to my ears. I want tall gears for the speed. But need easy gears for hill climbs.
So tall wheels and tires with the 12:35 sounds great.

Here is a pic of the Battery Compartment. This is where I wanna stack the 2 Chevy Bolt Battery’s.

Please ignore the small volt battery in it right now

If it was me, I’d do the gears last. I want to compare noise and speed.
Real world gps speed seems about 3 mph faster than calculated.


Mine is set to 7400rpm limit.
Measured speed 35mph:

Is it top of a hill so you can go for a ride?

It would be a One Way Ride:)

We need to find an Anvil - those are bad ass looking.

You mean find one for Dave.
You can have it when I’m done testing the Kinetek.
Did I mention they use the same a.c. motor as we have?