2015 GEM es moves very slow

Ask FedEx if the BBB would be interested in how they have responded to their package damage and subsequent insurance claim? Sounds like bullsh;t to me and they are dragging it out in hopes you drop it.

I will not let this go! I’ll see if they respond by tomorrow. Today was considered a national holiday. I’m p;ssed to say the least.

Nick Valsamakis

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Well I called Fedex again this morning. I spoke with customer service and they transferred me to a claims representative. This representative told me that the person my case was assigned to didn’t finish the investigation. She is willing to resolve the case immediately if I can send her a picture of the package label. I asked Rodney to provide a pic if it’s still available.

Rodney did have the Fedex original address label that was on the motor’s packaging. I forwarded the picture to the Fedex ground claims representative. She replied, " I just submitted the claim for approbation, I need one of the FDXs claims manager to approve it so you can officially receive the letter with the check details, you would hear back from us within the next 24 hrs." Now I wait again…

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Booh-yah! Called it!