2002 gem creeping along

thanks for your help on my last problem with the parking brake sensor so that was fixed now i am driving the gem around about 20 min then about 1 hour later it does not seem to be not moving almost creeping the battery pack is pushing out 78volt any ideas thanks again

are there any other forums that will help with my gem it ran one minute then the next it moves about 2mph if that dont seem to be getting any hits thanks

hi got… sorry for your fustration… I just drive my GEM and so far haven’t had the problems you’ve had… try the yahoo group… NEVs : Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs)


I was hoping GEMmechanic would come across this thread as he would probably have a good suggestion.
Have you checked the voltage at the motor?

thanks guys for you help i researced it about 2 posts down all it was was a bad connection going into the coverter it needed to be cleaned i hope one day i can return favor

Great to hear you figured it out! Electrical gremlins can be a real hassle.

good job… now drive it like you stole it and have a fun safe time