2015 GEM e6 keeps stalling

GEM stalls randomly for a few seconds. Lately I turn key to off and wait a few seconds and starts again. Checked all battery connections all tight and clean. Also checked the connection from controller to motor and retighten the connections. I noticed that the charger warning light intermittently flashes. I use the GEM almost everyday for trips around the neighborhood and always place to charge overnight.

Key switch failure is common.

Does 11 code flash when it stalls?

Is there a way to check.

No code just goes blank.

Our sympathy’s You are the unfortunate owner of an intermittent bad/broken connection joint or switch. You have been given the opportunity to shake a lot of wires, jiggle a lot of terminals, practice and maybe increase your vocabulary of colorful expletives and in the end be a better man for the exercise.

Start with the parking brake switch and connections and go from there. Be sure to get back with us when you find it.

I had this situation on my present build. In the end i had to change the complete harness.

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Remove any extra keys on ring. See if switch is touchy when motoring.

if car stall you have sound from parking brake summer ?
or totally dead ?
can be your dc/dc have problem,maybe water inside charger will get that problem

Yes there is still sound similar when you take key out and don’t lift the parking brake.

ok it can be a key problem