Wrench light comes on and car stalls

2015 GEM E6 the car sometimes stalls for a fraction of second wrench light comes on and then back to norma. Any ideas what is happening?

Do you get an error code in addition to the wrench? I’ve had this happen on a 06 E4 and the issue was loose connections on the battery terminals. Once all was tightened and resecured I didn’t encounter the car stalling. You can also check and ensure your 23 pin controller connection is clean in addition to the throttle connection to/from the controller. I’ve used an electrical contact cleaner spray with success. Just ensure the connections are clean and dry before you reconnect.

That’s my recommendations too. Throw the main battery disconnect then check and clean ever battery connection and cable. Then remove the dash and check for any loose wires there starting at the controller(main battery cables, then big connector and then round display/battery temp connector). Then onto the charger and lastly over to the big relay. Might even check your motor connections as I’ve seen some pics of really rusted motor connections.