2015 GEM e6 warning lights all on

GEM was working fine, charged, went to start and the battery, temperature, service wrench, turtle and R DL DH all flashing and car doesn’t do anything. Batteries all fully charged.

Did you ever resolve your problem? I have a 2006 E4 that has the same issue. New master contactor, new accelerator pedal assembly, and newly refurbished T5 controller…still have all icons and R DL DH all flashing.

That is a sign that the dash pod has lost its serial comms link to the controller.

Check your 23pin connection on the controller, but since it also makes a stop at the PSDM you should also check those connectors too.

Thanks, yes I have checked all connections at PSDM and 23 pin controller connection. This started after removing the 23 pin connector to do tests outlined in the service manual. I have replaced the controller on the advice of Ride for Fun owner with no different results.
I have now replaced the main contactor, accelerator pedal assembly and controller. I have 74.5 volts at PTSM and have gone through the troubleshooting procedure outlined in the service manual without any luck.
I have contacted my local Polaris dealer for help and was told that the don’t really want to work on GEMs but if I wanted to schedule an appointment it would be 2-3 months from now before they could see me!
I’m not giving up but I’m very frustrated at this point!
Thank you for your time and possible suggestions!

Wow, it sounds like you have been listening to the wrong people.

Let us start off fresh and create a new topic of your own so the title reflects your issue properly. (this 2015 e6 thing is throwing me off) Do you know how to start a new topic?

List your issue again for any future readers and we will see what we can do about your problem.

Pull up a chair and feel free to provide some history that might help.

  • did you recently buy this car in this condition?
  • Was there an event that triggered this condition?
    Be clear in your description.
    (I see your note above that seems to indicate “This started After”, but it does not say why you were in poking at the 23p connector in the first place. ** Possible violation if the Space/Time directive will get the attention of people you don’t want to mess with **
  • List your skill set so we can tune the suggestions to what might be within your comfort zone.

I await the arrival of your new topic before I actually make a useful comment in this one.