2013 Gem - What could this be?

So I just put new batteries in my 2013 Gem e6. Volt tested individually and in series, fuses good, but when I turn the master switch on I get this (see picture below)

on the dash and the gem won’t budge. Also when E-brake is down the e-brake buzzer comes on but I can’t get it to go off by turning the key to on.

This appears on the dash for about 10 seconds then dims and shows 1 red bar. Not sure where the next place I should be looking is, first gem , very new to this. Thanks!

Two quick guesses are:

  1. Controller
  2. PSDM

Check all your connections including the triangle connector coming off the motor.
If it has been around salt water that can play hell on electrical connections.

What is the best way to test the controller or know if it is bad? I’ll make sure to go through all connections to see. I have another controller off another parts car that I was going to put in but didn’t want to bother without first knowing if that was my issue. Is the only way to check the PSDM to take off the whole panel? Thanks again!

Yea, both of those are just a-lot of wire by wire troubleshooting. You are on the right path to replace parts from the others and see if you can narrow down the bad parts. Get one working correctly, Then move one part at a time to the broken ones to find the bad part.


So which way did you go with for batteries? The 9-8v, 6-12v or something else?

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went with the 6 12v for now being that I have 4 of these with dead batteries so it’s a lot easier for me to check them all out moving around the 6 instead of the 9. For what I will be using it for I can’t see the 6 being and issue with range.