2014 GEM - Help revive her

My 2014 GEM was salt water flooded. We have replaced the motor, the controller, the PSDM. Batteries will charge, display comes on, shows E9011 - don’t know what that means. When I release the emergency brake, an alarm sounds. Car doesn’t move when I press accelerator. Wondering if next step is to replace the main contactor and or accelerator assy.

Hey Becky welcome to the forum.

Did you also need to replace the charger?

The first thing I noticed from your pic you included on the other post is that it looked like it was in charge mode. (notice the little yellow plug).
This is the Charger interlock that keeps you from driving away when plugged in. It is supposed to go out when unplugged. If it does not - we need to look for the green interlock wire.

When you release the hand brake the steady beep is supposed to sound when key is Off, and the beep stops as Key is switched ON. If not, This could also be related to the interlock. Does the display change when you BrakeOFF and KeyON?

We dont think we need to replace the charger. the gem takes and holds a charge. Our green interlock wire is NOT connected to anything . What should it plug into?

Clarify- Did you find the green wire from the charger or the car side?

That is issue1. Look around in the area for another green wire with a mating connector. It may be a lighter green wire.

If we need to, we can go to the other end to locate the Light green wire and trace where it ends up, but we need to remove the dash panels.

found another green wire, made connection to interlock wire. We finally got our display to come on as shown in attached pic, but only for a moment, then the turtle, wrench, cord, & temp all icons stay on. each of the R - DL - DH flash this pic is glarey, but the brake icon is on also. This is WAY more progress than we have made by ourselves! Releasing the brake still makes the alarm sound. can only shut of alarm by disconnect the top connector. I am so grateful for your input.

Ok, Phase 2- Note: From here on, do not disconnect any items or connectors without instructed to do so. There are some sensitive components that may not like random voltage spikes this action sometimes introduces into the system.

You tried to post a pic earlier but it did not load-
How high did the water get?

Why did you feel the need to replace the controller and PSDM? Do you still have the old units? Can you show pics of the old units? (Hopefully they did not look like the pics on LG’s repair)

Brake alarm
This is a steady beep that is activated if you do not set the brake when KeyOff.
It is normally silenced several ways

  • When you KeyON preparing to drive
  • When KeyOFF you must also set the brake (pulling UP on the handle).
  • Flipping the Main Battery Switch to OFF position. (but your car is in danger of ending up at the bottom of the hill) ← So set your brake anyway

here’s a pic of the old psdm & controller. they were bad. the charger, however, was clean, no corrosion. this app only allows one pic per message. Ill send another reply with water line mark.

water line marked with blue tape

I feel for you, redoing a flood car now. Taking lots of time, hope to finish it soon.

Ugh- That pretty much puts all the important bits under water.

What do the plugs on your PSDM and wire harness look like?

The massive light show on your dash is what happens when your Display boots up and doesn’t see the controller. We need to inspect the plugs involved.

Other points of interest-
You should pull out your Main Relay and bench test it. Depending on which one you have in there I doubt it is sealed up enough.

There is a small micro switch in the workings of your handbrake. It will probably need replacing. If it is functioning when you cycle the handbrake with Key OFF I don’t see how.

You should also give a quick look at the cables coming from your handbrake. If they are sort of working you could remove them from the car and drop them in a bucket of Diesel fuel for a while.

Give each wheel a full inspection. Pull your lug nuts off if they have not become fused to the stud yet. Pull the rear drums off and check all your brake hardware.

And I think you know this is only the beginning.

Thank you so much for the advice. You’re right about the beginning thought. We take one step fwd, then another one sideways. We are putting this project aside for a while. It’s at our home in Fla, and we decided to head to michigan for a while. I hope it ok to reach out to you again when we get back. And,in the meantime, may I venmo you some $ in my appreciation of your help?