2013 GEM Electric elxd problem

2013 GEM Electric has new batteries, QuiQ charger flashing red 6 times (internal charger fault), turtle indicator flashing. Will a new charger fix problems?

Why does it have new batteries? Did the problem/s exist before the new batteries.
Come back with a problem history in order. We then might be more able to help you.

Suggest you follow the trouble shooting tree for the GE T4 controllers.


DeltaQ chargers can be remanufactured

Hi Old_Houseboater,
Checked red B+ and green wires both have 72v. The QuiQ charger red indicator flashes 6 times. After plugged in scrolls through the charger lights test then the 120 v in stays lit and then shortly after the red indicator comes on flashing 6 times. On the display the turtle indicator remains flashing. The indicator never lights to show Iā€™m plugged in even though it is. This condition existed prior to me changing all 9 batteries. This is used on a college campus and they ran the batteries dead several times because they never bothered to plug it in routinely after each use. This leads me to a faulty charger, but at $1300 I wanted to be certain. Any thoughts? Thanks.


You might consider getting your charger re-manufactured about 2 1/2 weeks 6 months warrrenty

Normally $318 but yours might be a bit more.

Diehl Engineering
3233 Myakka River Road
tavares Fl

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Thanks Old_Houseboater. Found a place in Carlisle PA, looks like $345 for mine.


I am having exact scenario of charger flashing red 6 times and turtle on dash. Batteries are 2yrs old but charged each manually and confirmed minimum voltage of 12 for each. When I plug in to charge, it does not show as charging on dash. So it sounds like a charger issue based on feedback.
What causes a charger to go bad?
What type of place would typically look at this type of charger? I live in Kansas City area where the GEM is almost non-existent. I have a 2012 e4.
I would love feedback please!

Suggest you contact Dave Bissen (INWO) various year GEMs have different charger configurations. He can fix you up with the right model Delta Q charger set up for the battery type you have in your cart.


Thank you so much for your help!