2013 GEM elxd problems

Has new batteries, QuiQ charger red indicator flashing 6 times (internal charger fault), turtle indicator flashing. Will a new charger @ $1200 correct my issues?

Same type batteries as original? Did you do any diagnostics? Did this happen when you changed batteries. Why did you change the batteries the cart is only 3 years old… A chronology of fault items in order of time might give us more to work with

Fault can be as simple as fuse. Check for 72v on red wire from B+,and green wire. Internal fuse between red and green.

Hi Inwo,
Both have 72v. The QuiQ charger red indicator flashes 6 times. After plugged in scrolls through the charger lights test then the 120 v in stays lit and then shortly after the red indicator comes on flashing 6 times. On the display the turtle indicator remains flashing. The indicator never lights to show I’m plugged in even though it is. This condition existed prior to me changing all 9 batteries. This is used on a college campus and they ran the batteries dead several times because they never bothered to plug it in routinely after each use. This leads me to a faulty charger, but at $1300 I wanted to be certain. Any thoughts? Thanks.


Sounds like the fuse. Check for B+ on green wire when connected to battery.

Hi Inwo,
I checked the green wire and it has battery voltage. I checked all visible fuses and they appear fine. Thanks.


That’s it for simple fixes.
Rodney can have it rebuilt with warranty.
For $100-$150 I can possible repair it by replacing bad parts.
No charge if I can’t. You would be out shipping both ways.

I had the 6 flashers and the dreaded turtle of death on my 2010 e4. I contacted flight systems in Carlisle, PA and they rebuilt my old charger for a couple hundred bucks.

Thanks ATXGem. I shipped my charger there and it should arrive today. Hoping for the same result when I get it back.


great, I could not have been happier with flight systems. they were friendly, easy to reach, and did exactly what they said they would for the price they quoted, on time.