2012 GEM E6 Dim Display, Running Slow, Display lights when charging.

Hello, purchased two GEM E6 golf carts from a rental agency near the beach. I have replaced the batteries in both carts. One car is running fine. The other one runs very slow. I’m also noticing the display does not light up correctly when turning on. You can see that it’s on but several of the functions remain lit at the same time. For example DL, DH, R, will all be lit even though the car is in reverse. When it’s plugged in and charging you can see the screen light up quite well and charging indicator. I have tried swapping the controller from the good golf cart as well as motor. Nothing seems to change. We did replace the PSDM and still nothing. What else could it be?
Since it was near the beach there are several things that were corroded but they were both sitting right next to each other and from what I was told they did not run for about two years.

Likely stuck brushes in the motor. Send it to Rodney @Old_Houseboater for service.

Actually send both motors

Purchasing, sat for 2 years, non running beach rental cars is the ULTIMATE in
a leap of faith. I have more golden deals for you. :joy:

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