Polaris Gem E6 - good or bad?

I have a 2004 EzGo PDS cart that I stretched and made street legal and it to an AC powered system. I also upgraded it to 48 volts.

I am looking to try something new as I am having problems with the EzGo.

I am thinking about this Polaris Gem E6. What do you guys think?

I run a golf cart business and personally own a 2010 Gem E6. They are so much better and drive better then golf carts. They last way longer and easy to register if they have title with the VIN. Battery replacement is the only downside, much more expensive. I know a guy with a couple E6s for sale if you are on east coast, could maybe trade in your ezgo as well. Send me a message on here if you would like.

Thank you for the response. It is greatly appreciated.

I wish I was on the east coast. I am in California. I am looking at a new 2017. Do you think it is worth spending an extra $8k for the upgrade lithium Ion batteries?

I personally do not like the look for the newer style GEMs but they are a little better for performance. I would not spend that much extra on batteries, but it depends on your use. If you are using it as a shuttle for business and need to go 50-75+ miles before charging then maybe. Regular batteries should go 25 miles before charging. Other can chime in on better answers for this.

Maaaan, there are buttloads of used GEMs over there in California. I wish I lived closer.

Thank you for the responses. I think I really want to get a brand new one with a warranty. I’m not much of a fix it guy.

It will be for personal use. We like to load it up in the evenings with six of us and go out for about three hours. Will the standard batteries be ok? Righ now I have a 6 seat converted EzGo. I upgraded it to 48 volts with an AC system. I run eight 6 volt batteries. It hauls the six of us around for about three hours with juice to spare.

What is the estimated cost to replace the batteries on an E6? Ballpark figure. Thank you.

$1200-$1700 depending on type and style. Figure 6 12 volt deep cycle batteries is what you’ll need. Trojan and dekka are good. There are many others that are good as well.

A 2017 runs a 48 volt set up. Older e6 gems used 9” - 8 volt battery’s to make a 72 volt system. So depending on what configuration it has example. 72 volt with 6 12volt battery’s would set you back Close to $1800. The 9- 8 volt battery set up would set you back close to $2500.

Where in Ca are u located

I have an 08 elxd which uses nine 8V batteries. I bought mine from Sam’s club in April '18 for somewhere between $1000 and $1200 and I have been very happy with them. These are deka batteries labeled as Duracell. I’ve got close to 700 miles on them and can’t complain (except for it being a pain removing and filling them). I don’t take my SOC below 50% and run about 15-18 miles around town.