E6 came with 9 8V Gel batteries $3000 to replace? general battery questions

I have been getting a lot of knowledge reading through this form. Batteries is a great topic of discussion I see.

My 2010 E6 has Polaris gel 4013694 batteries in it. Replacements online cost $320 each! Are you telling me the previous owner really spent $3000 on them? I am trying to determine the age of these batteries, and the only thing I do see on them is a black and white sticker that says k3 (maybe nov 2013?) The guy told me they were replaced in 2016 and I am hoping I did not get ripped off.

How long are these batteries supposed to last at $3000? I did take it on a test ride for 20 miles and it had a bar or 2 in the green left. Not sure if these batteries are supposed to last much longer at that price or not. It seems many of switch to trojan for more affordable, but they only last 3 years or so? Which model 8V battery do you recommend? Any information would be appreciated.

Your batteries are in good shape. Don’t worry about them for at least 2 more years. To get maximum life. plug in the charger after every use or at the end of every day.


I have 2009 eL HD with 9-8volt gel batteries. I am not sure, but I think gels cost an extra $500-$1000 as option. GEM only had 114 miles on it when I bought it in 2014. GEM had sit for 5 years with out use, difference is it was on charger all the time. GEM now has 9000 miles on it and still running strong. Moral to story is, when not in use, GEM needs to be on charger. Batteries are now 8 years old.