Question on Gel batteries

Hey Guys, I’m looking at a 2013 GEM E4 that has original gel batteries in it according to the seller. I’d like to hear some opinions on the life of a gel battery. Being almost 5 years old, are these batteries close to being done or do they have a few years left in them? FYI, the car was purchased and has always been in Florida, if that’s a factor and it has about 3k miles on it. Thanks for reading

They don’t have a “FEW” years left in them. Maybe 2 maybe none.


Thanks, appreciate the tip.

When you do decide to change, do not stay with gel or acid. Lithium Manganese are now readily available, and the price can actually be less than acid/gel. If you do go lithium manganese, it might be very well be the last battery purchase for you. A little perfect charger, adjusted to manganese is available through Texas at $100 bucks max.

Thanks for the tip. Where is the charger available?


my 2013 gem has 11,000 miles original batteries . it is 100% dependent on if they kept the fully charged all the time and if they drained them below 50% capacity too many times . @ 50 % dod east penn says they will take over 2,000 charges . do the math .

i just removed them from my cart(getting an advanced lithium upgrade) and put them in another gem .

you dont need another charger your will work great with lithium after a simple software upgrade .

electriceccentric didn’t do a gem car so he probably needed a new charger , you dont

Thanks for the info kinghappy, that gives me a more confident feeling about the gels. Thanks again