2012 GEM E6 - Not Working - Reduced $3,500

I have a 2012 GEM E6 that is not currently working. It worked the first year I owned it but then started having problems with keeping acceleration so I have replaced the motor controller, pedal and installed new Lithium Ion batteries. I took it into the shop and they couldn’t figure out the problem either. Everything fires up but will not go into gear or move forward or backwards.

I don’t have the knowledge or time to keep moving with the project. I have over $10k invested and would like to get $5k. I will upload pictures when I get it back from the shop. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Where are you located? I am interested.

I’m located right on the outside of Dallas, TX

K, I have DM’d you and will reply there

Talked to the dealer and they said that the next steps are to replaced the main contactor and the wiring harness. When they brought the gem back, they had the lithium ion batteries in the back of the truck and one of the cells shorted out so I am keeping the rest and will use them in my RV. It does come with good Gel Acid batteries.

Reducing price to $3,500

If all my garages weren’t filled to overflowing, I’d be all over this.
Someone buy this, send it to Mike or myself. For $2500 this would be an a.c. car with plenty of power and range fully loaded.

I’ve got that extra 8kw ac motor sitting in my garage… Hummm

Go for it. What a deal.

Thanks @Inwo! I really wish I had the time and knowledge to get this thing in shape. I have 3 young kids and a crazy work schedule. Hopefully someone can take advantage of my inexperience!

Update: I ended up selling locally to a guy that owns a golf cart shop. He’s going to lift it. He didn’t seemed too worried about the issues. Thank you everyone for your support on here. Hope to be back soon!

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Hi is this still available