2010 gem e4

My dmv requires that I provide the 2010 msrp. I am attempting to get it tagged in Mississippi but was a Florida purchase. Would any one have such a thing? Yes I know it seems stupid.

My first conversation with the dmv was that they are no longer issuing tags for golf carts, so beside educating them on the E4 I am trying to comply in every way,
Thanks again for your help.


Mine is the base with the wiper/washer, aluminum alloys, turn indicator reminder, power outlet wet batteries and that was it.
Thanks, mine is not that fully loaded but again thanks for your reply

Like most DMVs they only know how to fill in forms. Heck, they didn’t even know that it is a legal 50 state car. California DMV wanted my smog certificate! I looked up on the good ole inter web for the msrp for a 2010 GEM E4. That was the price given. It didn’t specify what was on it. The Sunshine state DMV isn’t going to bother to look it up but they can, and they will come up with the same thing. I didn’t make it up. Oh, and by the way the smog certification is probably on a sticker on the inside roof along with one of the vin codes. Lol. My DMV wanted to try and register my E2 as a motorcycle as they were sitting in it. The DMV manger just told the other 3 employees to register it and she would sign it herself because it had already taken 6 hours. I also had to make an appointment with the highway patrol truck enforcement officer so he could find the second vin code number ( which was under the seat). I could go on for ever! Omg. ( I only know lol and omg). Barry.