New Member, new used Gem

Hi all,
My name is Paul and my gal and I just bought a 2002 Gem e4eS(?). From what I can tell it’s a weird duck in that it has the short bed in back but is a 4 seater. We picked it up at an auction at UCR late last year.

Our motivation was a) the price of gas; b) gas availability if things get much worse with the economy; and c) it meets our needs for a local vehicle for work and shopping. There is a “D” component, (it’s more fun than a barrel full of monkeys), but that one was not enough of a motivator on its own to push us to buy it.

Since we bought it I’ve found it needs a new half-shaft and we decided to get new tires all the way around. So right off we’ve dropped another $300 on it, but the price was right at the auction so once we get everything that is in obvious need of repair done we still won’t have more than about $2400 in to it.

Because of the wear and tear EVs do to batteries I was wondering if anyone out there had played with either straight desulfators or even SSG Bendini desulfators.I plan to build one this Spring so if anyone has experience with them please, please contact me.

In the interim I plan to add a stereo and do a reprogram, (Marlon, I’ll be getting a hold of you in a few weeks). I also have some brake work to do and repair some upholstery, but I hope to have her ready for the summer.
Best regards,
Paul Lewis

Hi Paul

Sorry nobody has yet welcomed you to the forum - your post seems to have slipped under the radar.

You will probably get more luck posting your questions in the neighbourhood electric vehicle section: –

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Where there are lots of people with a lot of experience in this particular area.