2009 Zenn with or without SD_20s battery $2500-$4000

Winter anxiety setting in.
Not enough indoor storage.
Hoped this would be my new favorite winter car. Then thought, just stay home! :blush:
Heater & rear defogger
72v-6x12v just like Gem
Ac drive, runs 35 quickly, even uphill. Very fun and sporty!
Power windows
Rear wheel drive
Aluminum frame
Plastic body
Very nice car with Oregon title
Located in Se Mn. George has hauled it before

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Rain for 3 days isn’t helping my attitude! :frowning:

That seems like a pretty fun thing, could you drop the doors off for summer fun?

I went for a ride in it a couple of weeks ago. Nice little car, ran well!!
It is a “real” car, so the door are attached with real hinges, they could be removed but would not be quick.

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Agree with Mike. Its a real car. Use it for commuting and grocery getter.
It was a factory optioned 35mph car when i got it. 100% oem and worked soon as i put battery in it.
Efficient ac motor seems to get good range. I haven’t yet needed to charge it, so not measured.

I remember these from when they hit the market. Test drove one. It was fun. Even had factory installed air conditioning.

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